Sunday, May 8, 2011

Let's Play Love (Week 1 Behind-the-Scenes)

I realized I've never shown you guys the behind-the-scenes of "Let's Play Love"! Must have been too caught up in other things...and for that, I apologise. But you know, I'll make things up to know that right? Yah of couse you do, because 我还是爱你们的~~~~



 在树荫下乘凉~Romeo 就没我好命 - 若你们还记得,他在第一个礼拜得脱衣跳舞...

 I take you, you take me... this is Let's Play Love's official cameraman. =)
Okay okay guys know my character in this show right? You see the girl in the white T-shirt beside the cameraman? 
She's the producer's inspiration for my image...

Got look like or not? 
Eh I very good leh, I adopted the art of using another person as a 'fake subject' to get this 偷拍 shot.
大庭广众-ly. Sorry Xin Ni, I didn't mean to capture that candid expression. But you looked cute, so lucky you. Other ppl's candid shots of me were always freaking ugly....

 偷拍-ing again... Romeo's fans, you'd better be nice to me...
Because I bring you eye-candy. ;)

The wonder of pictures is that you never know what you have captured until you go back and review them... I had no idea auntie was there...

Okay fans of Romeo Tan, the following pictures may cause nosebleed. Kindly prepare tissue paper...and I don't mean 1 piece...

You ready not?


乳沟比本小姐的还要深~ 是时候检讨一下了.... *folds arms across chest* *有点不好意思*
我听Dr Lee 说是办得到的哦~
Fyi, Dr Lee is the guy who gave Qiu her boobs. ;)


 What the hell? I'm not even really that fond of looking at men lor! It's all for you can~ Living up to the 八卦记者name okay~

 For all those who have been asking, the specs are sponsored, and it's an Emporio Armani...

 Here's an interesting picture...

 Notice anything?

 Whenever we do outdoor shoots, we will do this. Onion, chilli. It has been a custom since I-can't-remember-when, but somehow, it works. Even if it rains, chances are it won't be the bing bing biang biang kinda rain...

You mean you don't know about this chilli and onion thing? Even our PM Lee knows la!
There! Told you!

Well, it did rain later that day, but it was just drizzling. Considering the fact that the weather looked ominous throughout since morning, I suppose a drizzle could be said to have already been controlled weather, probably thanks to the onion and chilli...

Taking shelter under the bridge. I think we call it Esplanade Flyover?
Well, though it was only drizzling...the cameras still had to be protected. So we waited till the drizzling stopped nevertheless...

 What do we do when we have nothing better to do? Zhor bo la liang, and camwhore~~~

We didn't get to rest very long, for the crew then decided to just shoot anyway, just protect the camera~ 

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