Wednesday, July 1, 2009

No Service,No Problem

So the dust has settled and the question on everyone's lips are:"Have you been selected for National Service?".Right after the local newspapers featured a brief article on the selection of new recruits for the 2010 series,many youths around the country converged on the website,causing slowdown.And when the Internet failed,the local telecom companies saw a surge in phone use(and profits no doubt).Yours truly only realised that the list had been released when he logged into his MSN yesterday night.A conversation window suddenly opened with the words "you checked yet?" courtesy of Natalie Chang.Confused,I asked her what she meant.It was only when I saw my homepage in Facebook that I understood.National Service was on everyone's What's On Your Mind box.There were people relieved for not being chosen,and there were people who posted panicky and biased misconceptions about the programme.Wasting no time at all,I too tried my luck.When the above image popped up,I was torn between two emotions,relief and disappointment.Relieved that I would not become a probable casualty at a poorly managed camp,and disappointment of not being able to experience all the cool things asscociated with the military like arms training.The same cannot be said for the rest of my friends.Save for a considerate few,they are ecstatic that their IC was not on the list and torment those who do.Prancing around school with their heads held high,they question passers-by about their status.Not being selected constitutes a high five and selection results in playful mockery.And yes,I do admit that I took part in some of their immature idiocy.Whatever the case may be,I am volunteering for service next year anyhow.Many may think I am crazy but it is for good reason.Everybody(except the children of those who hold high positions in government)will eventually get called up for service.And I do not want that to happen midway through my college studies.Imagine having to go to camp during my first degree year or similar.It will definitely be a setback to my education as I could be months behind when I return.I am currently waiting for volunteer applications to be open so I could register.And I got my fingers crossed that I would get to a good camp where clean food and water is are sufficient and the trainers are colour blind.
Before I end my blog post,I would like to wish the chosen ones good luck!And for those who weren't,your time will come.Muahahaha.

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