Saturday, May 16, 2009

Hollywood Making Another Vid Game Movie For Fans To Hate
Tristan Toh was sadden today to know that an increasing number of vid game creators would gladly answer the door when Hollywood comes a-knocking.The latest would be SNK Playmore,which sold the movie licence for their hit fighting game,King of Fighters.Below is some of the notable cast members and their vid game counterparts.Suitable?You be the judge.

Does Hollywood hate having an Asian play the lead role?For example,look at Dragonball Evolution.And now this.Sean Faris is playing Kyo Kusanagi,the hero of the vid game series.Already,I can hear hundreds of fans lighting their torches.

Will Yun Lee is playing Iori Yagami,the anti-hero of the series.Will is most famous for his roles in Elektra,Torque and the short-lived Bionic Woman.He is also noted for being voted one of People magazine's Sexiest Men.Hey,not all Americans hate Asians...

Would you look at that?TVB princess,Bernice Liu is playing Vice,a recurring character in the series.Her English is actually pretty darn good.Proof?Watch the KOF making-ofs on Youtube.She also claimed to having played all the KOF games,including '93,which does not exist.

In another bid to be a Hollywood superstar,Maggie Q is playing Mai Shiranui,the well endowed ninja and wet dream of many a pubescent boy in the 90s.Will she finally hit the jackpot after playing second rate characters on Die Hard and Balls of Fury(shudder)?Not likely.

Finally,a cast member that every fan would agree on.Ray Park is most famous for playing Darth Maul,the only good thing about Star Wars Ep 1 and for playing Snake Eyes in the upcoming GI Joe movie.He'll be playing Rugal Bernstein,the villain of the movie.

The story?Some lazily written crap about three fighters who get whisked off to different dimensions where they have to fight the native defenders in search of three mystical artifacts know what?Fuck it.

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