Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Pradhana Vizha 2011

I didn't win, but it's okay. *pats myself on the back*

But hey, I got nominated, remember? And *self comforting* it's not about who wins the award, it's about who wins the hearts of the viewers, am I not right?

*kicks myself*

Okay okay, to say I don't feel sad is faking it big time. Who doesn't want an award on their portfolio? Hey, it helps to up the price for future negotiations, you know? But then, honestly, how many viewers' hearts have Vyjayanthi not captured? =) I'm not trying to be proud, really, but the role was really good, and the show was memorable, I'm sure many of you can vouch for that. So in a way, even if I didn't win, I know that the role belonged to me, and I'm very very thankful for that.

Well, Vyjayanthi won Best Drama. That's something, isn't it? ^.^

Anyway, enough about the awards. Wanna know what I wore that night?

Huh? Of course I wore a saree! That was all Vyjayanthi wore!

Waddya think?
Well after taking pictures with the whole world and it's time to go, I realized I have not taken a single picture of me, myself, with I. So I took it outside the Reception area. And background included a fugly "No Smoking" sign. So I've decided to just do away with the background and let you focus on my saree. Lol.

It was a very nice Royal Purple saree, complete with all the sewn-on embellishments. Yup I got it especially for Pradhana. Well, instead of the usual formal gowns, why not? Plus I could always wear it to other formal events and make a statement. ;)

 Me camwhoring, pretending to be calm when I was all fidgety on the seat because I was trying hard to remember my speech in case I won. Eh what, one should always be prepared for the best okay. ;)

My hairstylist, Comb. Yup, my partner for the night. He did my hair for me, obviously.

Nice not? A bit messy cos I took these pictures after the whole event when I got home. And had removed like 15 pins from my head. 

But still, it was a pretty hairstyle, neat, elegant, cute. ;)

Now, for (almost) all those whom I've worked with, I've managed to steal a picture...

Ramesh. He taught me the dance for Tamizha Tamizha, and he also taught me my first Indian dance back in 2005, while doing a charity programme for Channel 8. 

Gayathri, my sister in the show (Susila). She won Most Popular Female Artiste! YAY!!! I'm so proud of her!!! Humble, talented, pretty. Naaaice.

 The man who stayed by Vyjayanthi all her life without being 'with' her - Dharma Raj. Karthik!!!!
It's nice to see him looking all young and NOT forlorn and sheepish. Because he was all those things in the show!

 The cast and crew of Vyjayanthi. Not all of us, of course. I wish all of us were there though. 
Gayathiri, I'm still waiting for our "Wrap Party"! Wrap until where already ah????

 Shen, me and Elamaran.
Shen, in my speech, had I gotten the Best Newcomer, I included you in my list of people to thank. Because you said all the artistes always forget the Assistant Producers (who happen to work the hardest in any production, if you ask me) in their thank-you speeches. I had wanted to thank you and Muneera and Mala and Gayathiri. Because you guys made it all possible. ;)

 Gayathiri Selvam, Gayathiri Selvam...where would Vyjayanthi be without you? Now that you're on your long-deserved break after 6 years in the media industry, aren't you proud that Vyjayanthi won "Best Drama"?
This girl (I think I mentioned countless times) was the one who chose and entrusted me with the role of "Vyjayanthi". It was a gamble, because she knew nothing about my background acting experience, and it was an experiment which turned out well. I am very very very very grateful for the opportunities given to me, and really, I owe it all to Gayathiri for giving me the chance to assimilate into the local Tamil television industry. 

I fell in love with the sarees, the language, the culture. And guess what? I've started looking around for adult Tamil classes. ;)

And oh! Thank you Gayathiri for your special mention in your thank-you speech. *blush*
Watch her on Pradhana Vizha (xinmsn) at about 45 minutes to an hour into the show--> http://video.xin.msn.com/watch/video/main-show/1tndgggbu

Eh though I didn't understand a word (and there were no subtitles cos it was "live"), the hosts kept me entertained throughout. I simply love how lively, fun and spontaneous the hosting was.

Venga! The director who made me shine. No other director has given me so much freedom to portray a character as I interpret it. And he's managed to bring out the essence of my character with all his "Can you turn slowly to the right in 5 seconds, pause, and drop a tear on the right eye?".

Venga, thank you for the award you have personally given me. Yes, that in itself is more precious than any other award that can be presented to me by the channel, because you are one of the life-givers of Vasantham shows.

 Yah, like real.
What, Vyjayanthi won Best Drama what, and I am Vyjayanthi leh...LOL!!!

Okok let's be serious. This award belongs to all of us, cast and crew who worked on the project. Thank you everyone who put in their all. So many boo-boos, and you have no idea...anything that could go wrong literally went wrong on the project...the cemetery with Dharma's grave, Independence Days (that's our code for impending storms), last minute scripts, actors that went missing, shoots that can't be done because of all kinds of reasons which would end up with us having crab at Tekka. It was hard work, and it was fun.

If you asked me what's the best thing that has happened to me so far in my acting career, I would say it is this - Vyjayanthi.

If you have not watched it yet, please do so...it is worth your time, I promise you.


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