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Ad: Singapore Bag Rental Classifieds

How many of you are guilty of bag hoarding?

*geh siao look around, pretend never hear*

Right, I am, okay? Come on, don't tell me you only own like, ONE bag. We're girls. And because we have to look groomed and pretty and put-together, we need a dressy bag to go with the dress, a fun carry-all for those days for school and shopping trips, an evening clutch for the little black dress, another evening clutch to go with that beige-coloured flowy number, a wristlet for going downstairs to dabao dinner, and the list goes on... Please don't tell me you will bring the same bag to go shopping and to attend a wedding dinner and to go lao ka to buay cai hor. 

And since we need SOOOO many bags to go with sooooo many different outfits for soooooo many occasions, does it make sense to spend tens of thousands on different branded bags, especially if you're a branded bag lover? No.
What? Okay you see ah, if you actually do your maths, that same $2000 Miu Miu bag won't see you carry it for 6 full months, UNLESS it's a work bag. Agree not? I don't know about you, but the way I see it, my evening clutches literally never see daylight (unless it's a wedding lunch I'm attending), and if each evening clutch has been out the house more than 10 times, it should be smiling from strap to strap. -.-

So THAT'S WHERE Singapore Bag Rental Classifieds comes in. Now you can RENT BRANDED BAGS, for a fraction of the price! Need examples?

Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 Azur for only $55 a week.
If I'm not wrong, this one retails at S$1070? Maybe the price has gone up, maybe it's slightly lower if you get it from Europe. But LET'S SAY it's S$850. $55 a week will mean that you will need to use it for 15 weeks to get its full worth. That's 4 months. Will you carry the same bag for 4 months straight not? All your bags got to match your outfits you know?

Even if you use it for 6 months, each week you're paying $35 for the bag lor. Then you only have this ONE bag. Why have ONE bag when you can rent a different bag every week? ;)

This week carry this one, next week change to this la!
 LV Speedy 30, for $58 per week.

Then all your friends will think "Wah this woman must be raking it in. Every week different branded bag, same design got different colours somemore.." Hee~ Shhh~ Between me and you only okay? ;)

Here are some other great finds:
GUCCI Classic Tote, for $60 per week.

A LOT of these bags are really very very very new, like used less than 10 times, or never been used before (dunno why they buy...impulse la must be, else must be present which they don't like. LOL!) 

If you're on a budget, they have cheaper branded stuff, though I won't guarantee that these are new. But many of these bags have been very well-maintained.

Like this Burberry Blue Label Large Tote (White). Generally in good condition, and rental goes for only $40 a week. Woot! And!!! You can purchase this for only $300 (double woot!!!), or if you have a bag of similar value, you can liase with the owner and EXCHANGE YOUR BAGS!!!!!!! How cool is that? Now you can free up your wardrobe space for other things (e.g more clothes)!!! ;)

Yes, all these rental bags can be bought. And I think some of the deals are really good, especially if the bags are brand new. You get second-hand bag price for brand new hor! And they usually, though not always, come with the original dustbag and/or proof of authenticity.

I think if I sell my bags I'd also have these things. Cos no one will throw these (dustbag and proof of authenticity) away one lor! I know I don't.

Right now I'm kind of into Loewe, for some reason. I don't own one, though I would like to, especially its signature Amazona bag... #justsaying

 I first got introduced to the brand in London. I mean, I've seen it in Singapore, I think, but it just didn't register before. LV is nice, yes, but it's too...what's the word....common? Like a LOT of people own LV or GUCCI, but LOEWE is quietly stylish, and the brand has grown on me. ^.^ Personal opinion! And I kind of fell in love with the Amazona bag...

Loewe Amazona Chocolate Suede Tote Bag (Maxi).
This piece is going at $2500. It's almost new! Brand new will cost you $3600 in stores lor!
I think it's a nice size. Plus, the design and colour's unisex~ ;)

 And then I saw this:

I really really really like this piece of limited edition Loewe Amazona. Nope the owner is not renting it, but he's letting go at $1800! (Original price $3090) And listen to this: this bag is 100% brand new, unused!!!!

This one's really nice too. No la the site doesn't have this. This is a 2006 Loewe Amazona. Limited edition. Anyone has this and wants to sell???? *hopeful*

 If you're not really into the super atas high-end branded bags, they have stuff from Coach, Esprit, and other small brands. It depends on who's selling what, really. Cos all these are individuals like you and me who wants to let go of their babies.

See this Coach Poppy? I like it because if its inner lining...

A very pretty shade of blue! And you can rent this for $25 per week. <3!!!

Victoria's Secret Beach Bag. Selling at S$60!!!!! Now a lot of these bags, especially if they're not the common ones, get sold out pretty quickly. And remember they only usually come in just one piece. Once they're gone, they're gone.

Burberry Blue Label Tote (pink)
This one's gone already. Think you know why. SUPER PRETTY RIGHT???

You can check out more pretty bags at Sg Bag Rental. Who knows you'll find a piece that's really really nice too! What I like about the site is you can add pieces you like to your "Favourites" list so you can come back later to decide which one you really want, or you can keep them there for reference when you want to rent your next bag! Convenient isn't it?

You can also add your favourite sellers to the "Seller's Watchlist".
For example, you see a bag you like? Just click on it, and you will see this page. 
Add the seller to your watchlist! Easy! You can customise it such that you will receive email notifications whenever your favourite sellers update their posts.

Of course, to be able to do any of those, you will need to register. And registration is free!
Once you are registered, you can start renting, buying, loaning out, selling, and exchanging your bags!
Of course if you desperately need to sell a bag, you can opt for paid options to increase your bag visibility on the websiteso that'll help your bag to sell faster. But that's entirely up to you.

One tip: Take really nice pictures of the bag you're loaning out or selling. When I was browsing the site, the pretty pictures (clear ones of course) are those which caught my attention first. ;)

Want examples?

Ok you don't have to pose with your bag half naked of course (*wink* Okay I just winked because I'm currently so in love with my natural lashes and want to show!!!), but it would be helpful if your picture can show how big the bag is when carried by an actual person. Proportion is a huge consideration when getting a bag. =)

Bag lovers can also share bag events on Sg Bag Rental. Very useful for bag fanatics. And they have links to bag cleaning services in Singapore so you can pre-clean your bags and restore them to brand new condition before you sell! I've seen my aunt bring her bags to one of those and my gosh, the bags really come back looking like new ones!!!

Raring to go? Check out Sg Bag Rental now!!!! ;)


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