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Happy For Us - The Girls

It's been 5 and a half years since Project Superstar auditions...

I remember being so skeptical. So what-is-this-Superstar thing? Singapore can do such big shows and create SUPERSTARS one meh? Serious! This was the exact stuff going through my mind when I first saw the trailer ad on TV. And really, if not for my mum who kept nudging and pushing me to join ("Just join and get the experience la! You think join already you can win meh?"). I think I kena her words gek dio. So I joined. ("Ok lor...反正都不会赢玩玩也爽~")

That was in April 2005.

Fast forward 5 years, and look at where we are now....

For those of you who have been following me since forever, you know how much I have changed.

I honestly vaguely remember that this picture of me in white was taken during the Project Superstar 2005 final audition. Eeeks.

Which was followed by more EeEEEks! pictures taken during the first official Superstar studio shoot. OMFG~~~~~

 Nowadays where got ppl put the hand on the head to take pictures one???? Wah lao eh...damn 70s~

 hur hur hur...

Then, view some of my past videos here. Wah sibeh cannot-make-it man...EEEEKKKKSSS!!!!

Of cos, I have since become Dua Chio Bu. 

I am a living, breathing, very good example okay~ *flicks hair, do the 'so-you-wanna-be-on-top' Next-Top-Model pose*

 From not-very-great-singer, to air stewardess with SQ, to better singer than last time, to small-part actress and kids' show host, to well-known (the power of belief...I believe, then I will become...LOL~~~) blogger, to bigger-role actress, and soon-to-be Lady Boss and then young female millionaire (WILL HAPPEN OKAY!!!) 
Aiseh~ Silver Ang~~~ Gao lor~~ *pats on the back*

I think I shall start making more Youtube videos and be a Youtube star. Lol. Waddya think?

Ha~ Now, let's look at how my some of my other friends have been getting on...

Candyce? What is she doing? You mean you still don't know? Other than being happily married to fellow contestant JY 洪俊扬, she's living it up as a popular 88.3fm DJ, of course, while occasionally still cameo-ing on your local TV dramas~~~ =)

 This is us at 唯我独尊 competition as guest judges in 2009. For those who don't know, your dearest QiuQiu first appeared on local media platform here, in this very competition. She wasn't really herself then though, and I felt she could've done so much better if she weren't so tense. Aiyah say say say...myself also la...when I was in the competition. So tense dunno for what.... Oh well...

Okay back to Candyce... Did you guys know I was one of her 'sisters' during her wedding? ;)
Read it here if you haven't.

Note: You may see pictures of someone who looks extremely like me...but a lot uglier. Don't eat or drink anything before, or when reading that post huh. You have been warned.

Next, we have Sing, aka 石欣卉~ Powerful voice, great stage presence. Her change is so drastic she went from "auntie" to "chiobu".



One of my favourite albums is this. She's got so many nice soothing 抒情歌 in this that so many girls can relate - "我知道我变漂亮了", "你没想像中爱我", and "无能为力". (Actually these 3 are my favourite songs in the whole I thought I'll share them~)

 越变越chio~ 成功了啦!大婶! 加油哦!!!

She's making waves in Malaysia acting in the local TV dramas, and she's been actively participating in the production of the drama theme songs.

Had wanted to show you guys the theme song clip, but embedding has been disabled. You can view it at this link -->

 Next up - KELLY 潘嘉丽!!!!

When I first knew her, she was ALREADY damn bloody super good on stage. Her vocals were so attractive I remembered standing at the Youth Park, just stopping to listen and watch her sing. She was then with Lee Wei Song School of Music's Performing Group, together with Jiaxin (泳儿). She was what spurred me on in singing. Back then. When I was only 15? 16?

You may have seen this picture in Partyworld when browsing through the 女歌手. Honestly, they should just change a picture already!!! She's so much prettier now!!!

When I knew Kelly she was slim, very adventurous with her hair (she's always in cool hair colour like red, purple, or something), super bubbly and she was one of most contagious people I've ever met. Her charisma, when you meet her in real life, is the type which makes people want to be like her. =)

She's one of the most versatile-y fashionable people I know...and she carries cute, sporty, stylish, sexy and all that, very well....

When I joined SQ, she was kind enough to give me a call to give some good advice, and warn me against getting fat because of all the good food I'm gonna experience. And becaue during training, there was a morning break, a lunch break and a tea break every day, she warned me about that as well, as she said she gained a good 10kg when she was training!!!! Aiyoh~ Luckily I didn't...thanks to her warning~ Lol!

Slightly pudgy Kelly. People say she's become so skinny after going to Taiwan. Trust me, she has been skinny all her life before SQ and Superstar. =)

The very song that got her noticed and through the auditions. This is round 1 of the actual competition. =)

For those who want to hear her improvement, here is another version, sung 3 years down the road.

 Her vocal techniques ah~ Very Kelly, cannot imitate one.

Her very first MV from her very first album.

Other than "一秒钟的永远", this song is my other favourite from this album.

Okay okay commercial break!!! You know her song "Shakalaka Baby" right? It was adapted from this Indian song!!!!

Lol~ Indian MTVs never fail to provide me with good laughs and great entertainment. Aiyoyo~~~

Here is Kelly's:

Somehow I prefer Kelly doing upbeat songs. She's got the energy to always be able to carry fast songs with a bit of attitude~

Her 主打 from Smiling Kelly album. The song's style's a little Yanzi, but there is still Kelly in there. I like. =)

Now this is a Kelly we hardly see. Cutesy in a princess-y way. I've never known her to be cute-sy. She's almost always stylish in a chic way, IRL.

 This is her new look for her new album.

She's now with 滚石, and her new album's going to be out soon~ 要支持哦!!!

Next up, also someone I knew since before PSS - Jiaxin, now known as 泳儿, or Vincy.

She got eliminated in round 1 of PSS, and went on to Hong Kong to take part in another singing competition organized by 英皇.

My god, she has since improved, been repackaged and marketed successfully, and has become a phenomenon in HK. In fact, she's now the MOST successful artiste amongst any of us. Sometimes, not winning can be a blessing in disguise...

Deserving in every aspect. She, like Kelly, was one of those with fantastic vocals back when I knew her. Like I mentioned, 泳儿 was already in LWS' Performing Group when I first started learning to sing.

She's got so many albums under her belt now I lost count.

If you're looking for a nice duet song to learn for ktv-ing or performing, this is nice...

Here's another duet song:

Frankly speaking, I think the Cantonese version has got more feel.

Waddya think?

She's become so diva~ Woot!!!
She has held so many concerts!!!! Vincy ah~ 我为你感到骄傲!!!!
I think we've done a nice job staying with our passions and seeing some results, haven't we? So so so so proud of every one of us!!! Bear in mind we all came from the one same competition okay? 同样的起步,不一样的发展,但都还在娱乐圈,媒体界...
Next post up, (some of) the boys!!! Come back soon for it okay!

Silver Ang

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