Sunday, June 21, 2009


Day started off with a bang,a bang in my heart that is.Wesley actually showed up dressed in just T-shirt and shorts instead of his school uniform which was against the rules and would get the team disqualified.At least he was able to call his parents and return home to change clothes.Team was nervous and rightly so,considering the faces of all the participants present who looked like they had practised for weeks.I hadn't even touched the dictionary,something that I would regret later.But first things first,the coverage of the whole event.

Pn Cheam waiting in line to register the team.Was surprised to see the list of competing schools.A total of 200+ students gathered at the LG floor,waiting for the comp to start.And the organisers were pretty organised,beginning the event right on schedule.Some guy from NST tried to pmp up the crowd but failed due to his lameness and funny accent.Anyways,the panel of judges were introduced afterwards.The chief judge seemed a nice enough lady,though you shouldn't judge a book by its cover.

Group photo of the team in front of stage.Please notice the numbers on our placards.I'm number 109,which meant I would have to sit through the spelling of 108 people before me.Finally right before we broke for lunch,it was my team's turn.Was fortunate to receive easy words like decipher and installation,though the team wasn't as lucky.Amirah got whirlygig and Bhindia got axiom.The rest of the batch weren't that good,and I was in the final.However I think I did piss off the chief judge with the intentional arrogance I portrayed on stage and the hand signals I kept giving to Keenan and Calvin,who came to support.Was pointed out that cheating would not be tolerated,though I wasn't.Just gesturing how easy my words were.I'm gonna get what's coming to me later.

Still able to smile though they were eliminated.Actually stayed to support me,which of course sent me on these constant guilt trips for the boredom of the whole event.

Yeah,I was bored.

Amirah too.

Walked around Pyramid a bit as many of us started getting restless from sitting on our butts too long.When we got back to our seats,we were horrified to learn that the words given to the other contestants were so easy.For example resistance,upholstery and manicurist.And yet,many were wrong and got eliminated.What a waste.No wonder the level of English among teens are terrible if the wordlist was anything to go by.Met some pretty nice girls from Sri Aman who had one of them in the final too.

After the tea break,all the finalists were ushered to their seats on stage.

First word I received was bilious which I spelt wrong when I added an extra 'l'.Damn.Two more words to go.

Peripatetic.Added an extra 'h'.Last chance saloon now.

Didn't know how to spell nimbostratus so I just winged it.Was surprised to hear "Correct" from the chief judge.

Still hated her though.She asked me really tough words which I've never heard of.Probably revenge for earlier,to put me in my place.Bitch.Was disappointed with the words asked to the others.Child's play stuff.

Me with the winner of the comp.Asshole received words like abaft and ricochet.And he got to walk away with my RM2000 grand prize.And I so wanted that Mount Kinabalu trip.

Finally,day ended with the closing ceremony.Left right after we received our goodie bags and certs as watching the winners get their mock checks and photos for the NST was quite heartbreaking.Stayed from 9 am to 7 pm for nothing.Just a piece of fancy paper and a bunch of useless stuff.Sigh.At least I maximised my final year in high school.5 years of wasting my time procrastinating the entering of big events and comps.Good thing I realised that and signed up for BRATs and was more active in co-curricular activites.Now if you'd excuse me,I'm gonna run a hot bath and slit my wrists.

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