Monday, June 8, 2009

Green is the new Black

The 7th of June.The middle of the midterm holidays.A Sunday.The perfect day to just kick back,relax or plain sleep in late.Heck,those were my plans and they were splendid.But at precisely 5 am I dragged my unfit body over to the bathroom in preparation for the day's major event,The Star's Go Green,Live Green World Environment Day Celebration at FRIM Kepong.Guess that nap'll have to wait.Andrian's parents were kind enough to give Marissa,Pei She and yours truly a lift there.Seriously,the best parents one could have.But that's a story for another day.We arrived at the gate of FRIM at around 7.30 am.We expected crowds but not that early.Thankfully,we managed to get in without much waiting.What greeted us at the booth venue was quite shocking really.I expected an event like this to be bigger and more happening.Reality was far less rosier.There were very few booths,not enough to line half of the field!In fact,my school's Canteen Day was livelier.But Ivy did not leave me much time for painful observation as she hurried us to prepare the booth for passersby and customers.Niki Cheong scrapped my game idea and in return suggested a better(and safer)one.RM1 for 3 balls,hit a can,answer a question,win a prize.Had a slow and unmotivating start but business soon picked up with the event proper.People started flocking in after the Minister of the Federal Territories dropped in.I even got a handshake,though I didn't know who he was.I even made a social blunder by giving him a hard question and not giving him the answer.Ivy wasn't mad,but she pointed it out.Though I may look tired and stressed out to the naked eye,I was actually enjoying myself.I was like a freaking workaholic.I loved promoting the game to unwitting passersby and when I do reel them in,I was awashed by a feeling of pride,the fuel that kept me going.I even managed to snag close to RM100 for a RM1 game.Though it had to be weighted against the many prizes I gave away,I was proud nonetheless.Hopefully,Ivy and Niki noticed the work I've done and choose me for the year end camp.It is also worth noting that I was featured in a photo in Monday's The Star.Plus,I got interviewed by a production house for a teen programme about the environment on TV2!Yeah,noone would watch it but I could hope!And...and...and Stephanie Chai!Yeah,so she's local and not everyone knows her(I'm looking at you,Andrian)but she's way beautiful and we should support our homegrown talents.Below are pics for your viewing pleasure.They're the same as the ones on my Facebook page but I'll post some more soon,fingers crossed!

The arrangement of cans for the game.
The banner which was only done a day before.Many thanks to those who came and helped!
Ivy scared the crap outta me when she posted that we had to learn how to make ballon sculptures and face-painting by the night before the event.Fortunately,the guy manning the cotton candy machine was a magician with the balloons and face-painting was easy to pick up.
Niki Cheong having his lunch at the game booth.Those are empty cans mind you.
Andrian and his balloon headgear.I was about to make a dirty joke but thought better of it.
Andrian and his planned STOMP performance.It did not work out.I wonder why?
One of the highlights of the day.Stephanie Chai in all her makeupless glory.
Beat that,Jezreel.
She got me when she untied her hair.
These guys were awesome.Came to our booth 4 times.I guess guys already have pride at a tender age.Only left with a few bookmarks though.
The BRATs were laughing but not WITH them.AT them.Only a small crowd gathered to actually listen to these AF rejects sing.
The camera crew interviewing Sandra Tan first.I did mine pretty badly IMO.Hope it will be considered for screening.
After clearing up the booth,Ivy allowed us to go for the nature walk.Originally wanted the canopy walk but it was closed.This angmoh here told us of carnivorous fish living in the river.He told us to clap our hands to attract them out of hiding.Apparently,our clapping makes the fish think some small animal dropped into the water to be devoured.Cool stuff.
As we proceeded,another guide,Pasu was her name,realized the number of BRATs on the nature walk.So she split the group up and got us to follow her.Was interesting at first.Above,is a 100+ y.o. raintree.
Bird's Nest Fern.
These buluh plants only flower once every 4 years.
I forgot the name but I do remember it is named after the animal it resembles.Notice the trunk,eyes and ears?
The orang asli call this one Tapak Hantu,one of the many naming conventions devised to scare city folk.Good but unfruitful intentions.

An ant the size of my thumb.Good thing we're not camping here.

The nature walk got really boring halfway through as Pasu was real slow and had to explain the uniqueness of every tree we saw.I'm sorry but after a few minutes all the trees look the same to me.And so,the event concluded at 3pm.I gave Pasu a trumped up excuse about how we were supposed to be going home.Camwhored a lot on the way back.Andrian actually returned to the booth to take care of our stuff during the walk.Again,I took a lift from his parents home.It is worth noting that The Star accidentally took our pails back to the office.I only owned one blue pail and one brown paint pail but received three blues instead.Hope my granaunt woudn't mind.After a long day,the bed,heck even the floor looked really inviting.


Had a real blast but was disappointed with the lack of support for the vent.Not many people turned up.To add salt to the wound,the events of the past two years were livelier and more fun according to the senior BRATs who showed up.Sigh.At least I had fun and I think evryone else did too.And that's all that matters.

Many thanks to....

  1. Andrian for his many contributions and sacrifices towards a more successful event.
  2. His parents for the generosity and kindness undeservedly lavished on me.
  3. All the BRATs who turned up on Saturday to help with the banner.
  4. All the BRATs who forgo their plans in order to attend the event.
  5. The past year BRATs who were kind enough to give a few pointers and help.
  6. Ivy and Niki for their patience and genuine concern for us BRATs.

    Terima kasih!

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