Saturday, April 18, 2009

Kawad Daerah Petaling Perdana Competition 2009

The annual District Level Marching Competition was held at the Management and Science University in Shah Alam.Schools from the Petaling area were allowed to send as many contingents as they pleased provided that they contained 31 people.SMK Subang Jaya signed up three contingents namely the scouts,police cadets and red crescents.The school's participants woke up as early as 5 am to train for the competition.At 8 am,all the contingents boarded the bus on their way to MSU.Nerves were expected but did not appear as they talked and sang and tell dirty jokes to each other.30 minutes later,we arrived at the university.The other schools had been there earlier,and were busy showing off their marching skills.The red crescents and scouts of one school even had friendly Haka Dance and booing standoffs.The scouts and fire cadets of a religious boys' boarding school certainly had the competition quaking in their boots after a display of perfect marching.Bryan Lee,an ex-scout of our school,kept asking us if we were scared just to wind us up and concentrate on our own marching.Hours later,the police cadets were the first from our school to march.When they returned with disappointed faces everyone knew they didn't do too well.The commandants were even rounded up by the commandants of the other police cadet contingents for an ear bashing.Next was the red crescents which were represented by all girls including the ones from scouts.Soon,it was my contingent's turn.We were represented by all boys,some roped in from the red crescents.The sun was extremely hot and was making a lot of people sick.However,we still had the energy and determination to complete our march routine.It was not perfect,but the view from where the spectators stood showed no flaws as we were told later.When it was almost 3 pm,all the schools had to gather at the marching grounds for the closing ceremony.The president of the university and its affiliates made a long speech,eventhough he acknowledged the fact we were standing under the burning sun for what seemed like etenity.Finally,the results were announced.The scouts won 3rd place in the NGO boys category,a huge honour considering the fact we haven't won anything at district level for years.Although the red crescents were not in the top three,the commandant Jocelyn Tan won the award for best commandant.Said Tristan Toh who made very few mistakes(honest!):"We actually got 3rd?Seriously?I'm actually gonna get a district level cert?".At 3 pm all the contingents boarded the bus back to school in jubilant mood(except the police cadets of course).For more pics(which aren't that many),visit my Facebook page.

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