Friday, May 20, 2011

Girl Power!!!!!

Okay, before I start on this post, I want to clarify on the previous one... The previous post is not a hate post, or one meant to attack anyone in particular, even you who uses that word so much in your SMSes. Yes you. You know who you are. I don't hate you, or dislike you, or mean to offend you in any way. The post was genuinely about how I feel about SMSes, that's all. And this thing has been on for years, so it's not exactly new (being particular about received SMSes). Just, er...recently inspired. Yup. So please don't hate me. No one's perfect. There will be things you probably don't like that I do too, right? Same goes for all those who felt offended because of what I wrote. It's a pet peeve, like how some people cannot stand people who pee standing in the shower... (I happen to think it's okay as long as you rinse the floor clean after...anyway you're showering and the water is running. Save water point peeing in the toilet bowl and having to flush an additional 10 litres of water down for nothing.)

Okay, now that I've gotten this out of the way...let's head back to subject proper...

How does all-women racing sound? *puts hand to ear*
Do I hear shouts of "CHIO!!!!"???

Yeah you got it. I thought so too. Well it ain't Moto GP or Grand Prix or Formula 1 or anything, but still, an all-girls karting night at Kartright Speedway lends a whole new meaning to "Ladies' Night"...

Check out the track!!! It's not really huge, but hey, we have a track in Singapore okay! For those of you who don't know~~

 The only boo-boo that day was that it was raining, and the track was wet, which kinda makes it difficult to race. But then, it's more fun this way, cos since go-karting is generally the safest kind of motor racing, we can crash anywhere anyhow~~~~ Okok kidding. Not supposed to, of course. But hey, it's bumper car style, and the turns can get pretty sharp. Where else can you attempt so many doughnuts in less than 2 minutes? ;)

 See how wet the track was? And all the sharp turns?

 The very first Ladies' Night @ Kartright. Many more to come...

Where only females rule the track, eh? 
Who said all women drivers are lousy? Okay I'm guilty of cursing at many women drivers out there who can't park, don't signal, hog the road, yada yada...but there ARE women drivers like me who are damn hiong one okay~

And eh, you saw the name??? Richard Bradley will be there to give lesson leh!!!!!! Wee-woo-weet!!!!!

 More women coming~~~
The men in the background are either there to cover the event or there to lend support to their women. ;)

Right, I mentioned Richard Bradley. For those of you who don't know who he is (okay I think most of my readers won't know, cos we're not really racing fanatics right?), he is a Singapore-based Londoner racer. Not impressive? How about if I tell you he's only 19? And has won numerous titles in karting, having been the youngest ever winner of a Formula A S1 MSA British Kart Championship round at the age of 15 years. Did I mention he's the Formula BMW Pacific 2010 Champion? And guess what, he's cute too. And stands at 1.88m. How's that for a nice package? ;)


Here's the young man!!!

 I HAD to post up such a shot, because pretty people have plenty of tak-glam angles too. I would know, right? 
(Yes I hear belching in the background. Go go vomit...I don't care. I'm beautiful in my way, cos God makes no mistakes~ I'm on the right track baby I was born this way~ born this waaayyyy~~~)

And it just gets longer...and longer...and longer....
What, you dirty people...I was talking about his LIST lor~

Yes, plenty of strangers, judging from the number of girls on their mobiles. Thank god for the invention of the phones which we can tweet, facebook, play games, read news, etc with...*fiddles fiddles*, else what would we do in awkward situations like these?

 There's our dear Cheryl Tay giving us a brief intro to the whole Ladies' Night thing~
 This girl damn smart. Friends will know how difficult it is to get me, so she suggested a girls' getaway. And yes, I am going away to HONG KONG with her for 4 WHOLE DAYS!!!! You jealous not????? She's my new 情人 for now...woooo~~~ Hong Kong~ Hong kooong~~~ *sings*

 No need licence leh. Saw that? So all you kids who wanna try this sport, YOU CAN!!!!! Those un-kids, er...the adults STILL without a driving licence, yes you can come to this track la~~~

  If you don't know who Cheryl is, you got eyes no see orh-yee-orh~ Go take last Sunday's copy of Sunday Times, the MM Lee one, and look for the MyLifestyle DRIVE section. Quite a few articles are written by her. 9tro magazine? She writes for them too. And Wheels Asia. And several other motor publications.

This is a brief intro: 
"Cheryl Tay is Singapore’s only female full-time motoring journalist and motorsports blogger, with regular contributions to prominent titles in Singapore, Asia and internationally, having interviewed several Formula 1 drivers such as 2010 World Champion Sebastian Vettel and other key motorsports personalities including Red Bull Racing's Christian Horner and Adrian Newey."


She writes at if you're curious about this babe, or if you're a babe and you aspire to be like her. ;)

Btw, she was the one behind Ladies' Night @ Kartright. Her idea. Brought to life. Because of her initiative, so girls like us can enjoy this sport without the boys around~ ;)

 I didn't know nuts about what flags meant what, but now I do. The odd-looking Japanese-flaglike-but-off-colour flag means your car is going to either peng san or blow up on you. Recognise this flag, AT ALL COST!

Orientation of the kart...

Anybody noticed my helmet not? Black with purple butterflies~~~ Chio right?
Want a close-up? 

Comes with 8 vents for maximum ventilation (I actually felt the wind through my head at the crown wearing this one than my other few old helmets...) And the good news? You ready for this???
(more designs to be anticipated of course~~~)
Just for the ladies. So we don't have to put up with ugly/garang-looking/plain-ol'boring solid-coloured helmets anymore. There are so many girls on the roads now, we need to be catered to. And not just us, the motorbikers' girlfriends leh? ;) Stay tuned okay? By June you should be able to get them, PSB-approved, online, and DELIVERED TO YOUR DOORSTEP! WEEE~~~~~~~~~

All geared up!
Well, I was told it might be wet on the track, so I went and put on my motorcycle raincoat. And I had my own riding gloves so I didn't have to wear someone else's. I cannot stand wearing anyone else's gloves/socks/shoes/helmet or stuff which you know comes into close contact with this yucky thing known as sweat. Or perspiration. Or body waste and toxins. So even during training, I wear my own helmet/gloves. I used to ice-skate, and I ALWAYS wore my own skates. I think the only time I wore someone else's shoes was when I went bowling. And I really didn't like that. I didn't like bowling enough to go get my own bowlers' shoes.

Me wheezing past~ Honestly, after being a motorcyclist, I think I'm more careful on the roads. I don't really dare to do funny stunts, even on this super low go-kart...

This is the practice session. We're gonna have a race later! I think I will lose. Because I drive too carefully dammit~ Eh what, last time I very hiong one lor! After riding...well...let's just say with motorbikes, you don't want to get into any accident by doing stunts... I'll either end up under someone's wheels, on their car roof, or fly onto the trees...

Am I glad I had my raincoat on! The other girls were all sooty and dirty from dirt wheeled up from the track!

In case you think my helmet looks funny on my head, it's because it's resting on my then-very-huge bun of hair. I had hair extensions, remember? And the bun was so huge I didn't bother sticking it into the helmet. So the helmet looked lopsided. Lol~

And we're off to the race!

FAIL!!!!! 3rd from last~ Lousy TTM.
Bye I go stick my head in the sand and suffocate to death now.

你真的以为我有这么笨昧??? 长得那么漂亮,大好未来等着我叻,就这样去了?等久厄!
 YES I got a picture with RICHARD BRADLEY!!! You have or not???? Looks like the picture I had with Yuwu I posted before....same kinda height difference~~~ (Richard's 1.88m, Yuwu 1.81m)

You have not????

It was really quite an experience...having no guys on the tracks at all to race with you or judge you or tackle your kart...and an all-girls' race can be quite exhilirating know how girls can be more competitive than guys right? The sharp corners and drifting (which I will probably NEVER try on a real car), plus the wet floors, make for such exhilirating excitement. My arms ached for the next 3 I gues it's good training for the bye-bye arms too. 
Interested? Just drop an email to and she'll advise you the next Ladies' Night @ Kartright. Go have fun, without the boys. ;)


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